Doug Flutie is coming back to New England.

I first heard it on the radio last night, and I was trying to think, why? That doesn’t make any sense. If New England had QB problems, they would want a young gun to step up, and not put the ball in the hands of somebody who will be gone in a year.

But that is from a New England point of view. From his point of view, he is coming home. Maybe his role will just be in the classroom for the 2nd string QB. Or maybe he will fill a “fill-in” role if Brady gets hurt. It makes me wonder what kind of deal he got with New England. I imagine it can’t be overly high.

Even though I do not expect to see him anywhere but on the sidelines during the season, at least I will get to see him play a preseason quarter or two. I have not seen him play since he was in Buffalo.