One of my biggest pet peeves since moving to Maine is being on Eastern time. We are far enough east to be on Atlantic time, and I hate having the sun go down at 3:30 in the afternoon. The entire point of daylight savings was to save energy during World War II (at least, in it’s latest incarnation). Here in Maine, though, it costs us money, because it wastes precious daylight in the mornings and makes it unavailable in the evenings.

I heard on the radio this morning while I was at the gym that they are thinking of going Atlantic Maritime. It is in today’s newspaper as well. I am very excited.

The cynic in me assumes that the referendum is going to fail, though. Why? When we save on our energy bills, don’t get as depressed because it is so dark in the wintertime, 90% of us don’t have to worry about the change of time zones anymore, and we can accomplish more during the day than previously?

It will fail because people’s tv schedules will be off by an hour for less than half of the year. Things will be a little more confusing for commuters who go to Boston or one of the other New England states, and things will be a little more confusing for people who come to visit Maine in the winter (of which there aren’t nearly as many as those who visit in the Summer and Autumn). It is not going to affect enough of those people however (and the visitors can’t even vote on it anyway). Just the fact that somebody’s favorite tv show would start at 9pm instead of 8pm is going to be enough that they will vote against this. I hate the babble box.