Getting the new roommate moved in is just about set. We have for the most part got the furniture and boxes of junk that we don’t want to keep in the apartment but aren’t ready to throw out yet in storage, and should be done with 1 or 2 more runs over there. We finally got the day bed replaced with the couch, which is nice since both pieces of furniture were a bit crowding.

As such, once we have the apartment cleaned up, I will begin diagramming the database to see what I want to store and how I want to store it in a more concrete level than what is just in my head. I have a very general and nebulous picture of how I want to store everything, but these sorts of things change once I get it down on paper. I also want to be sure that I can easily adapt my design, since I do want to integrate statistics for different types of sports. I need to figure out how to handle that sort of a problem; do I try to make a group of tables that are generic to work with everything, or do I explicitly define tables for each sport so that I know I am capturing the data in the best way possible? If I do that, though, then I am limited to what I support, and can not allow my users to dynamically add sports.

I also need to start thinking about what I want the site to look like and to split it off from my blog here. I have not decided if I am going to keep the blog on, or if I am just going to host all of my content on