Tuesday morning I went in to work early (around 5:30), and wound up doing my workout in the early afternoon instead of first thing. Tuesday evening I spent the night out on the town with my girlfriend, and while I was walking up the stairs at the theater my leg gave out.

Initially it felt as though my knee was bothering me, but upon further inspection, I think it is actually my calf. Both calves are sore and tight, and the pain is behind and below the knee.

I did not swim yesterday, and decided against running. Today I spent my warmup on a stationary bike instead of the treadmill, but I did my upper body workout that I had had planned on my schedule. I am going to swim tomorrow and take Saturday off in the hopes that I can run on Sunday for 8-10 miles or so.

Hopefully I will be fine by tomorrow so that Saturday I can take the 300 pounds in cinder blocks in my bedroom down to the shed. It would be nice to free up some space.