We finally got around to kegging the light beer and brewing up another light beer. The “Morning Light Ale” that we kegged is the traditional recipe, basically. The one that we brewed today I played with a little bit. The base is the same, but I used the Tea Masala that Andy brought back from Africa in it. Basically, it is a bunch of dried herbs and weeds that you are supposed to put into your tea. I used it for the last 2 minutes of the boil and then filtered it out after the cold break. I was thinking to only use a quarter or half a teaspoon, but Erin wanted to use a full teaspoon (or 2 or 3…). We went with 1 teaspoon. We will probably bottle it perhaps that first weekend in June, whereupon we are thinking of brewing an octoberfest that we would age over the summer.

If we do move, however, that could prove to be a bit sticky. Maybe I will have to rethink doing an octoberfest and just hold off on brewing one of those until next year.