Everybody has some sort of scar at some point in their life. Sometimes the scars fade with time, and sometimes the scars are there for the rest of your life. I have a vrey faint scar on my forehead where I hit my head as a child, and one between my left bicep and shoulder where I cut it during a cross country race (How, I have no idea; I finished the race and somebody pointed out my arm was covered in blood – it was news to me). One time I put a nail through my foot and then broke a toilet tank I was carrying, but that scar is completely gone now.

This past week, though, I found a hole in my leg. Now, I had no idea this scar was there. I can not recall ever having seen it before. I have no idea how it got there. It has obviously been healed over for years since I have leg hair growing out it. It looks like somebody took a chomp right out of my skin (if you look closely), although it is easier to find by running a finger over it. Most of my shin is nice and bony, until you get to the spot where the skin dips into a shallow crater. I wonder how it got there like that.

I discovered it last week while lacing up my running shoes; I had my right ankle on my left knee. I wish I had a story about it; maybe I should make one up?