Yet another obligation that will delay my working on this website…

About a year ago I designed a website for a local woman who sells cookies. She’s been rather fed up with the hosting that she had (which I unfortunately had also been using at the time) and could not deal with the tech support from Egypt. She decided to go local, and had another company take over the site. I provided all the information to them that they needed (after getting her authorization of course) but they messed it up anyway.

So, I am back to being the webmaster of her site. I don’t choose the design; I just make it work.

Hopefully I can get her onto my new webhost when her old one in Egypt is done with. It does not cost much more, and so far seems more reliable.

And as for the yokels she hired? Well, I get to call them and tell them how to do their jobs. Seriously, though, if your primary business was as a hosting company and for maintaining websites, and you were going to move a live business to your hosting services, wouldn’t you test the site locally before changing the name servers to make sure that it works? And why in gods name would you think that changing domain names (not just subdomain but the complete domain) would be acceptable when creating a secure connection? Especially when the SSL certificate was for a completely different domain? It boggles the mind.