Yesterday I left a note about the women’s 5k in Brunswick that a number of my teammates ran. After the race, they had the awards ceremony. They had some really big trophies for the overall winners and for the master’s winners and the like, and most of the folks that placed in their age divisions got a certificate.

The fun part came from the raffle though. I hate to think of all the work that went into going out and collecting all of the raffle prizes! There were quite a few, and some were quite good. One person got a $100 credit on their power bill, another person got a $50 gift certificate to Days Jeweler’s, a few people got $20 gift certificates to a new store that recently opened nearby (no website that I know of yet; Running Dog Sports in Gorham), there were gift bags, and bars of soap, and my girlfriend’s mother won a $60 gift certificate to a seafood restaurent. Quite a few choice items to be won, as it were!

The best raffle prize by far though has to have been the one that my girlfriend won. It the Morning Glory Natural Foods Hi Potency B-Stress nutritional support for stress dietary supplement (90 vegetarian tablets). Okay, fine and dandy, find something that doesn’t sell to well to donate to the local women’s gym to raffle at their race, maybe bring in some business. But wouldn’t you think that a gift certificate so that they could choose their own vitamins would be a better way to get somebody into your store?

Seriously, if somebody just randomly gave you a jar full of pills, would you even consider taking them? Erin and I certainly would not. Reading the label is fun, though. The serving size is two tablets daily, so you have a month and a half supply of this stuff per bottle (it sells for $12.60 according to the sticker on the bottom). Two tablets will get you:

  • 5000% of your daily vitamin B6
  • 3333% of your daily thiamin
  • 2941% of your daily riboflavin
  • 2083% of your daily B12
  • 1250% of your daily Vitamin C

And that isn’t even the entire list! Of course, something that might be useful, like Calcium, you only get 10% of your daily recommended intake.

That just seems so silly. I could (almost) understand if they said to take a pill with breakfast and a pill with dinner; you might only piss out 3/4 of what your body can’t process. But no, they say to take 2 tablets daily, which to me means to take them at the same time. Which means that 95% of what you take in won’t be able to absorbed by your body before it gets to rub against your bowels. I have no idea why I find this so humorous.

At least the bottle says to keep it away from chidren. They got that part right.