These late nights have got to stop. I just got home from work; another 20 hour “day”. Not that I spent the entire time at work this time…

Working 8am to 2pm and then 8pm to 4am is much better than working 8am to 9am. Hopefully, this will signal the end of our active directory woes, and this weekend I can go in and set up the new UPSes on the servers and get all the switches and servers going off of the new switch and call it all good. Back to working the 8 to 6 shift. That is the plan, the goal, and the hope.

I have to hand it to the gold support team at Dell, though, especially Julio. They have been a tremendous help in keeping us up and running, and Julio has now spent the majority of two of his shifts making sure we were able to do things the next morning.

I really hope that the backup works tonight. I had forgotten to put it back on the domain account instead of the local system account, so I believe that that is why it failed the last time. It had best have been; I can’t deal with another inexplicable error.

At least I got to sleep last night. I had left the phone on vibrate in my office when I went to bed early, so I did not get any of the phone calls and my colleague had to spend all of last night working. Oh well, I will get a few hours of work in after I wake up this afternoon.