The 50 States Marathon Club was something I wanted to be a part of (I am 10% there). I never actually looked into it; I just assumed there was an actual club and if not that it was just a thing where you could say “Yeah, I ran a marathon in every state.”

While searching for marathons the other day, I found one that is put on by the actual club. Interesting, thought I. So I checked the clubs website out a bit.

Apparently, you can become a member of the club after having completed a marathon in 10 different states. The membership list will list the date that you completed running all 50 states, and if you are dead will even let everybody know when you died. Now that’s spiffy! Dues are only $10 a year, which is less than a buck a month.

In two or three years you can expect to see my name on their website. I can not picture myself necessarily racing in one of their jerseys until actually running one in every state, though.

There is also the 50 & DC Marathon Club, which requires 20 different states/DC in order to qualify for membership.