Sportshoe Center is a local chain of athletic stores here in New England. They have locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York. They are the principal sponsor for the Maine Marathon in Portland.

I like this store. Their prices are better than MSRP, and fairly average for a “discount” athletic shoe. You usually won’t find the best deal going, but you usually won’t be too far off either. They have a decent selection of clothing and a great shoe selection for multiple sports. They do lack a little when it comes to swimming goggles, however.

I got some stabilicers from them last year, and those were great for winter running. I used to put them on my boots whenever I would walk the streets when it was icy and had great results; they were pretty good for running as well. I still wouldn’t trust them completely but you are much better off on the ice if you are wearing them than if you aren’t.

The staff has always been friendly, and most of them have been knowledgable. In terms of helpfulness, I would say that they are probably around 70-75% or so. (I consider “average” helpfulness 50%).