I first used Thorlos socks in October 2003 before the Maine Marathon. There was an expo the day before the race, and in order to use a coupon I had I needed to spend an extra $5 after purchasing a jacket. The extra $5 was spent on the socks (expos are great for discount apparel!).

Not very bright of me, but I decided to wear those socks the next day in the marathon. This was a marathon that I had only spent 9 weeks preparing for (which was preceded by two years of little to no running: emphasis on the “no”) and was my first marathon in almost 3 years. My longest run up to it was around 13 or 14 miles. I thought, hey, it is going to be cold, and these nice thick socks will help prevent blisters.

Well, the socks did a great job. My feet were plenty warm the entire race, and they filled out my shoes so that my feet did not develop any blisters. I am not normally a big fan of thick socks, but these ones are very comfortable and are excellent wickers of moisture. I have used them on warm spring days and been perfectly comfortable; they are a bit heavy for mid-summer though.

Many people might think socks are socks, but they are an important part of a runner’s equipment that can make a difference in the long run. Just remember, cotton kills, and if you are looking for a thicker sock alternative to the usual thin cool max type socks, then I can highly recommend Thorlos.