The AA Eastern League All-Star game was last night at Hadlock Field, where the North beat the south 9-6. The night began with a home run derby won by Shelley Duncan, who got booed by the Red Sox fans (read: most of the almost 7000 people there) when his affiliation with the Yankees was announced and then was cheered on like crazy as he belted the baseballs towards Fitzpatrick stadium and towards Route 295. He did well for himself in the game, homering in the second over by the scoreboard.

The game was a lot of fun. It did not mean much but fun to anyone, even the players, since there were no consequences to winning or losing. Everybody had a good time, it was a high scoring game, and there was no clear picture of who was going to win the game until the bottom of the 8th when the North took their commanding lead. The rest of the time they kept the game tied or only a point or two away from one another.

President George HW Bush was there for the first pitch, but he let his grandson make the throw. The mayor of Portland, Jill Duson, did a wonderful job singing the Star Spangled Banner, and my uncle missed out on getting Barbara Bush’s autograph on his free commemorative baseball by waiting until an inning and a half after she had left. He was very disappointed.

For anybody who hasn’t visited Hadlock, the junk beer is located along with the junk food on the vendors that are between the stair wells. The good local brews are located on a few spots along the outside wall, but the best selection is over behind the stands near the first base line, where they grill up the steaks and sausages. You can also get geary’s by the junk beers, but nothing beats a good Vacationland at the ball park! The food over there is worth the wait, especially if you are considering the crap they sell through most of the park. The fried dough is located in the center, but more towards third base.