Drew Rosenhaus is a reviled sports agent in the NFL world. He seems to be behind a lot of big names holding out for new contracts. Some people believe that this is okay, because it is his job to get people the most money that they can. The problem with that, though, is that a lot of his agents have contracts with their organizations that they are breaking. Shaun Alexander is a franchise player with no contract; I have no problem with him holding out (note: I don’t know who his agent is; I just use him as an example), but people like TO or Edgarrin James have no business holding out. They should not have signed the paper if they did not want to be part of their organizations.

All of that aside, no matter how much everybody seems to hate him, Drew Rosenhaus is a hero right now for saving a boy’s life after he sank to the bottom of the pool. He administered CPR on the boy and revived him, and for that you gotta give him props. In the Cairn’s Blog he notes that in ’97 he rescued some of his clients from a drifting boat, so I guess Rosenhaus is a good guy to have around during water sports.

I just wish that he had a little more integrity. Not that he is alone in that department; I just hear his name a lot and it chafes.