Larry Brown, former coach of the Detroit Pistons, has officially become the coach of the New York Knicks (Press Release). Rumors have it that his deal is about on par with Phil Jackson‘s deal with the Los Angeles Lakers; about 5 years and between $50 to $60 million. His agent isn’t talking, though, so who knows if that is true. I have no trouble believing it though.

Will these teams never learn? Offer him a 2 year contract with good extension possibilities. There is next to no chance that he will stay longer than 2 seasons. He had a good run with Philadelphia 76ers from 1997 to 2002, but he is never satisfied and is constantly moving on. His first season with each new team he is always all lovy-dovy, but it never lasts. He starts saying he is dissatisfied with this, or with that, or with the other thing. Then he gets himself fired or bought out and moves on to a new contract.

Now, that is not such a bad thing. I just think that teams are fooling themselves if they think that he is going to stick around for a full contract, so why have to pay him for seasons he isn’t working when you know he will be leaving?