I read an article about a Chicago woman who wants to break the world record in stair climbing this past weekend. The article was written on July 26, and she was supposed to do the climbing on July 30. I could not find anything about the results of that stair climb.

This achievement in Stair Climbing will be new to the Guinness World Record Book since no record currently is in place for this stair climbing event.

The interesting thing about it, though, is that she plans (planned) on climbing 50,000 steps, and that it does not appear in the Guinnes book of records.

Apparently, though, in 1998 some guy in Australia also broke the record, which had been 40,000 steps and is now over 100,000. Maybe it isn’t a Guinness record, though.

Either way, I have no interest in climbing that many stairs, but laud the effort these folk are making (made).