Barry Bonds has just stated that he will not be playing at all this year. I can not say that I am overly surprised; he has no moxie.

Although the Giants say they have been in routine contact with Bonds’ medical and training team, his latest comments caught the team by surprise. General manager Brian Sabean provided a positive assessment of Bonds’ progress to reporters over the weekend and said through a club spokesman Monday he has heard nothing first-hand to suggest Bonds has given up on 2005. Sabean said he would reserve comment until he spoke with Bonds or the doctors.

I guess that his manager was not as cynical as myself, which in a way makes sense as he does actually know the man and does hand over a paycheck for him to do his job.

I won’t complain though. I would prefer that the folks who didn’t cheat were the ones that keep the records, and Bonds I am fairly sure cheated. Damn that leaked testimony, anyway, eh?