I bought the Casio Databank watch (Module #2465) a year or two ago from Sports Authority because it had large numbers. When you are moving quickly, a watch with large numbers makes it easier to glance down at the watch. However, there are some features about this watch that I did not overly care for, despite the nice visibility of the watch and large numbers that were on it.

The casio 2465 databank watch has most of the features you would expect for a sports watch. It can display the time (12 or 24 hour mode), it has a stop watch, an alarm or two. You can display split times. As mentioned previously, it does have large numbers and is easy to read. It also has a databank feature where you can put phone numbers or something like that, but I have never once used that feature and don’t really want it in a watch.

The problem with the watch, which I did not even consider might be an issue when I bought it, was that there was no lap memory. You can see your split time, (note no “s”), but you can not see lap times and you can not save workouts. Having a watch is better than not having a watch; having even a 10 lap memory watch is way better than having none. I would rather concentrate on my workout than on trying to figure whether I am on pace or not.

I can not recommend the watch for serious workouts, although it is fine for runs where you want to know how long you are going but don’t care if you are tracking splits, such as on a long run or jig jog.