Antonio Gates was recently given an ultimatum: Stop holding out or be held out.

According to his agent, it looks like he may be missing at least the season opener. We won’t know until this afternoon, and who knows if what an agent says is going to be reality, but it seems like they are going to try to hardball the Chargers.

Andre Colona, Gates’ agent, declined to say specifically whether his client would meet the Chargers’ deadline of 12:30 p.m. tomorrow for Gates to end his holdout or be held out. But Colona made it clear the team’s threats would not diminish Gates’ resolve. “It doesn’t change Antonio’s and my plans at all,” Colona said. “We are going to go forward with our game plan. That letter does not change what Antonio and I had agreed on doing up to that point.”

Gates is Drew Brees best weapon and everybody in that organization knows it from the owner to the managers to the water boy. The Chargers would be stupid to not give him at least something better than the $380k he’s owed this year or there will be no way to keep him next year when his stock goes through the roof and he is on the open market.

Despite what the agent says, I expect that something is going to happen in the next six hours and we will be seeing Gates on the field very soon.