Saturday night, the University of Maine Black Bears played the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The game was televised at the Sports Arena, in Hermon, Maine. I was not really expecting Maine to do all that much, but their defense was solid. The offensive line though was full of holes, and the first half especially all Nebraska did was blitz every play. In the second quarter, they ran the ball only a few times, and used the same play each time. Whitcomb was sacked 11 times. The defense kept creating turnovers for them though, and despite losing 25 to 7 they managed to maintain control of the ball for 2/3 of the game.

I was really impressed by the Sports Arena. It seemed like it could rival Tully’s. There was a lot of space, there were probably on the order of 50 televisions (most of which had the football game on, although there were quite a few with the Red Sox on). It was a great venue to watch a game. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to see a UMaine game while I am up in that area later this season.