Yesterday, the fines were handed out to 9 players after the fight broke out during the Monday night football game between the Eagles and Falcons.

Jeremiah Trotter and Kevin Mathis started the brawl and were ejected from the game before it even began. Seven other players were fined, six for joining in the fight between the two players. The largest fine (making 10 total fines) was unrelated to the fight, and went to Chad Lavalais for his illegal hit (helmet first) against Donovan McNabb‘s chest.

I am all for throwing those guys out of the game. DeAngelo Hall should have been tossed as well. There is really no place in sports for cheap shots that are not delivered within the rules. You want to throw a punch? Play hockey or start boxing. You want to knock a 300 pound man to the ground for fun? Play football. These players should have a little more professionalism. Fights are not the show that fans pay to watch at a football game.

As for Lavalais’ hit on McNabb, I am willing to give him the benifit of the doubt that he was not intentionally trying to hurt him. This does not mean he should not be fined; he did break the rules. But I am not going to immiediately vilify him and call him childish. When he shows a history of intentionally trying to take QBs out of the game with illegal hits I may change my mind. Watching him dive gives me the impression that he is just an over zealous player with only 1 year under his belt that needs to be reigned in by the coaches a little.