The Health and Fitness blog has an article about America’s contradictory stances on alcohol. It references a New York Times article on the subject. The main gist of both articles is how drinking is both promoted and treated with kid gloves in the media and how confusing it can be, but the Health and Fitness blog then provides their opinion on alcohol in general.

However from a health point of view there isn’t much controversy. Anyone who has a tendency to abuse or overuse alcohol should stop drinking. period and the minor health benefits claimed by very moderate drinking are far overshadowed by the dramatic health problems caused by alcohol abuse. You will lead a far more productive and healthful life if it is free from frequent use of alcohol. Zero alcohol usage is the right answer for many.

I do not disagree with their statement that anybody who has a tendency to abuse alcohol is better off steering away from it. However, for somebody who does not abuse alcohol it can be a great stress reliever, it does have some not small health benefits, and it can be a part of a well balanced diet.

I very rarely if ever drink any liquor these days. I do not like to be drunk, and while I like the tastes of some whiskeys and other hard drinks I do not like them enough to get myself drunk with them. I brew my own beer, however, and I enjoy drinking wine. I rarely drink except with a meal, however, and I never over indulge.

For folks that are capable of drinking responsibly, I say more power to them. For those who eschew the alcohol altogether, more power to them as well. Everyone has the right to make their own choices, and those choices can responsibly include the use of alcohol or not as each individual sees fit. Instead of being free of the frequent use of alcohol, they should have said that you may lead a far more productive and healthful life if it is free from frequent abuse of alcohol.