Bode Miller came out publicly supporting EPO on Wednesday, according to Ski Racing Magazine.

“I’m surprised it’s illegal,” Miller said, “because in our sport, it would be pretty minimal health risks, and it would actually make it safer for the athletes, because you’d have less chance of making a mistake at the bottom and killing yourself…You have to make four or five decisions every second in skiing, every turn…[These are] conscious decisions, plus there’s another hundred that are instinct. And when your brain starts to slow down, as if you’re holding your breath for two minutes, it makes it damn hard to make those decisions.”

Apparently, Bode Miller is known for his off the wall comments. I do not see it likely that EPO is going to be legalized in Olympic or other competitive skiing for safety reasons, and I do not think that it should be. If he does not think that he is able to safely navigate the course, then he should either not participate in that event or he should speak with the other athletes and the event directors about the safety hazards that are present.