At the end of September I had gotten fairly sick for a few days, but other than a bad cough I felt fine shortly thereafter. However, with a marathon coming up in the near future, and the cough only having gotten worse over the next few weeks following that, I had gotten desperate enough to visit a doctor. The drugs he had me take seemed to help, but then it got worse again, and now it seems to be mostly gone. This fog and rain just did not help me recover at all these past few weeks, though.

Last week I decided to let the medicine work without my taxing my body, and took 4 or 5 days off from running. Last night I did an easy four miler with a good ¾ of a mile or a mile or so pickup. There was a kid that was trying to keep up with me, and who zoomed by me when I decided to let up on the pace; he seemed to have fun. He had his head stuck in some headphones though so I did not bother to talk to him and he did not bother to talk to me.

I missed running every day. Hopefully I can keep my enthusiasm in check and not over extend myself until the race.