In my previous two posts about Marathon, I went over the pros and cons of the website and the eBook. They complement each other fairly well; the eBook has some of the same content as what appears (for free) on the website, but the meat of the eBook is in the training program and in providing an easily printed resource. The website has live links to useful products, and a number of marathon and half marathon directories that could be very useful for somebody trying to find a local one.

Everybody should check out the website; it never hurts to refresh oneself on different things like stretching and icing and somebody who is unfamiliar with those concepts can get some good advice. The directories are certainly worthwhile, and the free newsletter is easy to sign up for and includes some recipes that I will be trying in the near future.

I do not recommend anybody except the target audience purchase the eBook. Experienced runners will not really need it, and will be looking for a more competitive training program. Novice runners and people who have not been in shape for a long time will find great value in it, however. I can not comment on the half marathon eBook or the CDs or the training log, having not seen them, but I would imagine that they are probably on par with the quality of the eBook.

If you have any questions about the website or eBook, you can contact Brad Boughman, the websites owner and the author of the eBook, at his website. If you have any questions about my review of it, then you can leave a comment in any of these pages and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer to email me, I will have a contact form up sometime next week in the sidebar of this website.

I am not affiliated with Marathon Rookie in any way, shape or form. I found the website on the internet like any random person and took it upon myself to write these reviews after having asked permission of the website’s owner.

Update (2006/05/11)
At the time of writing my review almost 7 months ago, I was not affiliated with Marathon Rookie at all. However, I am happy to say that I do now have an affiliation with the site.