It never seems to end, but once again Manny Ramirez wants to be traded. Or so the rumors go at any rate. Now they say that he won’t show for Spring training if they don’t trade him away. If it weren’t for that rather sizable committment to his pocketbook that could sour a deal from 1300 miles away (oh wait…)

What would another team see in Manny? He doesn’t hustle, finding a jig jog to the ball to be his preferred pace, and he gets away with the strangest crap. While I am sure that a fan would love to sneak into the Green Monster to relieve himself, it seems a little odd for a player to hold up a game to do so. When called upon to make a contribution on his day off due to his teammates’ injuries, he yawns and says he won’t do it. He carries a huge financial liability with him.

But wait, he’s an offensive powerhouse that is the only reason your other offensive powerhouse gets to swing at the ball. I have no doubt that he will make big bucks no matter where he goes, and that he will be an important cog in whatever machine he is inserted into. He has a great situation with David Ortiz, because both of them get the opportunity to swing twice as often as they would with out the other. His bat will definately be missed if they get rid of him.

But if they don’t get rid of him, will it still just be Manny being Manny when he doesn’t show up for Spring training? Or will he appear and just half-ass it, as usual? Would it really matter either way? As somebody who loves the game in sports but hates all the showboating, I’d love to see him thrown to some other team to bring in some new quality talent. As somebody who wants to see the Red Sox repeat what they did last year, I want him to stay despite his distractions. There’s always a chance he might grow up and act professional, right? Well, at least he has a great bat.