Alex Rodriguez has been voted the American League MVP this year just two years after being voted the MVP when he was with the Texas Rangers. It was a close vote, and he beat out David Ortiz 331 to 301. He had 1 more home run, 18 less runs batted in, and a .021 better batting average than Ortiz.

My vote would have been to Ortiz, and not just because I am a Red Sox fan. I think that A-Rod is a very talented player and all in all that he is a better ball player than Ortiz. However, I do not think that he was the most valuable, because most valuable is supposed to apply to who was the most valuable to his team. A-Rod was valuable on offense and defense, but Ortiz was clutch in must-hit situations throughout the entire season. I think he made a bigger contribution when he needed to than A-Rod did. I would not necessarily contest the outcome, though, because both players were definately the two most valuable players in their league and the crap-shoot over who would win obviously extended right down to the final count.