A few days ago Eric Moulds was suspended for a game because of his conduct during last weeks game against Miami.

Coach Mike Mularkey said Friday that wide receiver Eric Moulds was suspended for Sunday’s game against the Patriots for “conduct detrimental to our team.” Moulds took himself out of the game after watching Lee Evans catch three first-quarter touchdowns last Sunday in Miami. He then refused to return, twice telling receivers coach Tyke Tolbert, “I don’t have to do what the head coach says.”

He claims that he had an achilles tendon problem, but team owner Ralph Wilson, Jr. did not seem to believe that to be the case. His absence was felt today against the Patriots after the Bills just barely avoided a shutout by scoring late in the fourth quarter. They could not do anything, despite getting 2 interceptions from their defense. After the second interception, J.P. Losman immiediately through his own pick on his first play back on the field.

They just looked awful. Even with Eric Moulds I highly doubt that the Bills could have won that game, but without him they had to rely on Lee Evans and Josh Reed. They only caught the ball a half dozen times between them.

Hopefully Moulds did have some small tweak with his achilles tendon, even if he (foolishly) did not mention that to the coach, because I used to like the guy and if he is just another petulant overpaid athlete than I would be quite disappointed. I suppose we should see what happens in his final few games.