On my way home from work today, they were asking on the radio whether Rafael Palmeiro should be allowed back in baseball. Apparently he was featured in an interview in the New York Times this morning in an effort to remind league GMs that he was still available. Here’s my take on the situation.

What should happen
Rafael Palmeiro should be signed to a team. He is a great ballplayer, he always puts up the numbers and has a great bat, and he can likely be gotten for pretty close to bottom dollar at the point.

What I want to happen
However, I hope that Palmeiro is not signed to a team. Personally, I think that anyone caught using steroids without a medical waiver in any sport should get a mandatory 2 year ban. I think if the greedy general managers that might sign him can sheathe their claws and let him stay on the sidelines for at least a season, that it will send a message to the other players. They might think twice about cheating.

What will happen
It will not happen though. Somebody is going to think that they can deal with the distractions that Palmeiro is going to bring with him including the media frenzy that will come with any announcement. Somebody is going to think that having that extra bat is going to be more important than setting a good precedent and giving a scumbag his due.

The rules say he is allowed to play, though. And since he will be signed, I will try to refrain from complaining too much when it happens. I may not succeed, but I will try.