The Tom Bowl is the only bowl game not recognized by the NCAA. It has been in existance since 1989. You’ve never heard of it? That might be because no team has ever shown up.

The site is fairly humorous. It is run by Tom Cantrell, formerly of Michigan State. The idea was to have a bowl game to determine an actual college football champion. Every single game has been a 0-0 tie, however. He sends bowl bids to the schools and conferences every year, and often receives replies (which you can read on the website), but nobody ever comes. The most people to show up to a Tom Bowl so far were 28 fans. Last year and this year, the game is between three teams. They each play the other team for a half.

If you are a college football fan and need a good laugh, then check out the Tom Bowl. Maybe a team will actually show up one of these years.