I just finished watching the first half of the Rose Bowl; Texas is beating Southern California 16 to 10. The game is not going nearly the way that I was expecting it to. Texas is around where I thought they would be, maybe a few points up, but I thought that USC would be in the high teens or low twenties by half time. Texas is getting some nice breaks, both from USC and from the officials. Two pretty big missed penalties, and 3 free points from Reggie Bush’s bad decision making. USC had an impressive first drive (not counting their dismal first four plays including the initial kick-off) to lead the game by 7 for most of the first quarter.

Unfortunately, I do not stay up for football when I am sick. This is too bad; I am really enjoying the game. You can watch the game stats update live over at CBS SportsLine.

My prediction is USC comes back and scores 21 points; Texas only scores 12 in the second half.