The Mead(R) Wirebound Memo Books, Side Opening, 4in. x 6in., 40 Pages, Pack of 3Mead Memo Book is a small spiral bound notebook that is just the right size for recording workouts. It is what I use for recording my weight lifting workouts. I record what I want to do before I go to the gym, writing the day on the top. I record my warm up just below the date. Each exercise gets its own line. I clip a mechanical pencil to the spirals to make it easy to carry around, and as I finish a workout on the right page I tear off the corner to mark my page. The notebook is very conveniant for looking back on what I have done in previous workouts to help plan future workouts. Best of all? It costs less than a buck. The specific one that I like to use is 4″x6″ which leaves plenty of room for an entire workout, and has 40 sheets of paper. That means that it will last for over 6 months of working out 3 times a week at the gym.