The Texans have decided to exercise an $8 million option to extend David Carr’s contract for 3 years today. A lot of people are taking this to mean that they will be selecting Bush as the first draft pick this year. I am not so sure that that is the case. I see three likely scenarios:

  • The Texans draft Reggie Bush and keep David Carr.
  • The Texans draft Vince Young and keep David Carr for another year.
  • The Texans draft Vince Young and trade David Carr.

The first option is the popular one. The Texans keep David Carr and draft Reggie Bush to run behind him. If they go with this option and can afford it, they should also keep Domanick Davis in order to give Reggie Bush an opportunity to get used to the NFL rather than being thrown straight into it. Most likely, though, Domanick Davis will be playing in a different uniform if Reggie Bush is drafted.

The second option is not very likely, in my opinion. The Texans draft Vince Young, and let him be the backup for a year or two before they trade David Carr and give him the starting job. Alternatively, they could trade Vince Young, but I see that as even less likely. I do not think the organization has the money to pay for both players.

The third option is that David Carr gets traded, possibly for another veteran quarterback and some draft picks. Vince Young is drafted, and becomes the starter at the end of next season or the beginning of the following season. I am not so sure that that is a very good move, but I can see it happening.

I find it highly unlikely that the Texans will trade down or will draft Matt Leinart. If they draft a quarterback, they’ll go with the local favorite. I see either the first or third option as likely, but it would be in the Texan’s best interests to either trade down or go with option one. David Carr is the future for that organization; they just need to give him some protection and stop letting him get sacked so often.