I emailed the authors to let them know about the review I wrote yesterday about The New Rules of Lifting, and both of them have been very friendly and appreciative of my having put it up. As such, I’m appreciative that they wrote it.

Alwyn Cosgrove had this to say in response (reprinted with permission):

Thanks Blaine.

Your summary is very good. I think the book is really a “New Millenium Beginners guide to strength training”. There really hasn’t been a beginners book in about ten or so years despite the fact that we know much more than we knew back then.

The proposed title when Lou and I wrote it, was “Advanced Basic Training”.

Thank you


It is a shame that they did not include that description on the back cover or in an introduction. I think that it is a great summary of the book and would have served them well. I do have to admit that think that The New Rules of Lifting is a better title than “Advanced Basic Training”, and the rules format worked well for the book.