Mizuno - Wave Rider 04 - MenMizuno Wave Rider‘s were a pair of shoes I picked up a year or two ago in an effort to broaden my shoe horizon. Every few years I will get a new type of shoe to see if my feet like them, but in general I stick to one pair and buy a lot of them.

The Mizuno’s are very comfortable, and for anything less than a half hour I like to run in them quite a bit. Anything over half of an hour, though, and my feet start to ache. These are not the best running shoes for me. However, they are great for my warmups before lifting workouts, and they are the shoes that I wear almost every time that I lift.

Shoes are a very individual thing and anybody who is not sure how to choose the proper running shoe should go to a specialty shop for some help.

That being said, Mizuno’s seem very well put together and of my friends that run in them I have not heard anything negative about them.