I never really understood the whole Under Armour thing; of course, I’ve also never worn anything from them other than these gloves. All in all, I have to say that I like them. I have not put them to any extreme tests yet, owing to a mild winter and a neck injury. They keep the hands warm, they wick the sweat away, and they are fairly tactile which makes it easier to do things such as get your keys out or tie your shoes. That is definately a nice benefit in a Maine winter. My hands have yet to be too cold or too hot while wearing them, which negates the need to be constantly taking them off and putting them on.

The gloves are not too warm to wear when the weather is in the low 40’s (fahrenheit); I wore them during Brian Ború’s race. I haven’t given them an extreme cold test yet; the coldest I have managed is about 15°F with about a 10 mph wind. My hands can tell that it is cold out for the first few miles, especially if it is windy, but they have not actually been cold. By mile 2 or 3, my hands are nice and toasty and sweating. Fortunately, the gloves provide excellent wicking, so your hands stay warm rather than allowing the sweat to freeze. The sensation of cold at the start of the run does concern me though; I am looking forward to testing them in sub-0°F weather with wind. Hopefully that happens during the day sometime so that I can wear sunglasses; I am not a big fan of the eyes freezing shut bit.