Adam Vinatieri signed with the Colts last night. Wait, what? All you heard about was how the Patriots were not offering the money, and how Adam Vinatieri had been talking to Green Bay. Where did the Colts come from?

Adam Vinatieri agreed to a contract with the Indianapolis Colts, and the difference between the money in Indy and Foxboro wound up being chump change against Bill Belichick�s salary cap and relative nickels against Bob Kraft�s bottom line. Perhaps the best clutch kicker in the history of the NFL and one of the most popular athletes Boston ever has known now is wearing enemy colors because the Pats refused to budge off their hard-line philosophy.

This seems so silly to me. Adam Vinatieri is one of the most popular players in New England (following Tom Brady and perhaps Tedy Bruschi), and has proven to be the difference in many games including two superbowls. He is not the most accurate kicker, but he is still very good and he makes the ones that matter most.

There are going to be a lot of upset Patriots fans. The team seems to be self-destructing, but everybody trusts in Bill Belichick�s vision and leadership. At least, until now. I just can not see people saying, well, we’ll see what comes.

The Patriots still have a great lineup and I think they are going to do quite well next year. However, who do you replace Adam Vinatieri with? Vanderjagt? Ugh.