Floyd Mayweather’s trainer, Roger Mayweather, has been fined and suspended for his part in a brawl a week ago. Zab Judah, who has a history of violence outside the ring, hit Floyd Mayweather with a few illegal blows with five seconds remaining in the tenth round. Roger Mayweather jumped in the ring to complain, which prompted Zab Judah’s trainer Yoel Judah to also jump in and start swinging. Security managed to end the fight after a few minutes so that the boxing match could continue.

Zab Judah and Yoel Judah’s purses have not been paid out yet while the disciplinary committee reviews tapes for possible further action. Roger Mayweather has issued an apology and has been suspended for a year and fined the total of his trainer’s fees for Floyd Mayweather.

“The commission did what it had to do,” said Todd duBoef, the president of Top Rank, which promotes Floyd Mayweather. “Roger was very apologetic. It’s a sad day for Roger, who is one of the good guys in boxing. But he committed a deplorable offense and he is being punished for it.”

I agree that Roger Mayweather’s punishment is fair. Technically, he is only banned from training boxers in Nevada, but other states will usually uphold license revocations in other states. I imagine that he will be back in the game a year from now.

Floyd Mayweather was paid the $5 million purse for his unanimous decision win over Zab Judah, despite Don King’s protests that he should have been disqualified because his trainer entered the ring.