The Vermont City Marathon was the most part a very well run race. I have a detailed course analysis already written, and here I would like to touch on a few other aspects of the race.

The expo was not quite as large as Boston’s was, but it was larger than most of the ones that I have been to. There was a really good mix of national and local businesses represented, and each aisle had things worth stopping and taking a look at.

Spectators were plentiful and spaced out along the course. There were people at every mile cheering, especially in the miles that went near the downtown and Battery Park area where the fans could see the runners a half dozen times.

Port-O-Johns were located at many of the water stations. However, they were not always facing in a direction conducive to a runner getting into them from the course. The one I wound up using turned out to have its door on the last side I looked at, which was facing away from the trail. Very inconveniant. Not all of them faced in odd directions, but enough of them to be a slight nuisance.

Water was everywhere. I am not sure how many water stops there were, but there were more than enough to keep everybody hydrated on what turned out to be a very hot day.

Medical stations were also plentiful, being located at every couple water stops. There were also signs that let runners know how far until the next medical station.

Music was to be found in quite a few places along the course, most of it live.

Shuttle buses made sure that runners were able to get from the hotels to the start line, although they did not send one large enough to my hotel in the morning so instead of picking anybody up they just sent a larger one at the later time. Taking the shuttle back to the hotel was very easy.

Teico Drummers (or whatever they are called) put on a really great show in the finishing area. They were also along the course.

Maple syrup makes for a great prize to winners. Too bad I did not get any.

Food was plentiful after the race. There was quite a bit of free food for the runners as well as vendors. The soft pretzels were quite good.

Massages were available after the race. I liked their system for getting runners in. When you finished running, you went in and they wrote down your number. Then they made you go get food, stretch out, cool down, and dry off. When you came back, they let you right in. I was not particularly impressed with the massage itself, however. It was not nearly so good as the one I got after the Mystic Places Marathon.