Yesterday, Ben Roethlisberger crashed his motorcycle and wound up in the hospital. Today he has been upgraded to fair condition and is expected to leave the hospital within three to five days. He has lost two teeth, chipped a few others, and apparently has no major structural damage to either knee. His nose and jaw were broken when he hit the ground head first after bouncing off the woman who hit him’s windshield.

Hopefully he will be back up and about quickly. He is very lucky to be alive after doing something as stupid as ride a motorcycle without a helmet. I do not think that he will have any contract problems from this, assuming that he is able to come back this season or next season. However, if he has ended his career, then the Steelers will probably try to get his signing bonus back and invoke the standard clause in an NFL contract that states that teams are not responsible for players being idiots and taking unnecessary risks unrelated to football.