Coast to CoastI have written about Coast to Coast on this site quite a bit to give it a little promotion after it got published. I even gave a copy away. Coast to Coast was recently reviewed by the Chronicle:

When talk of writing a book about the experience came up, months after the relay, the task fell to Ryan Pancoast, a.k.a. Sanford, who elicited personal accounts from teammates, advisors and drivers to add to his narrative. He prefaces the collaborative account, “Coast to Coast: The Story of the 2004 R.I.T. Transcontinental Relay Run” with the disclaimer: “For some of us, it was the best experience of our lives. For others, it was torturous. For most of us, it was somewhere in between.”

The book is now available at and will soon be available in Border’s bookstores. I highly recommend you pick up a copy. You can also read my review of Coast to Coast.