Vitruvian Running ShoesI bought two pairs of Vitruvian Running Shoes a month or so ago, the Proportion for $30 and the Proportion II for $60. I ran in the Proportion II shoes twice and the Proportion shoes once.

All in all, I really liked the make and quality of the shoes. They were comfortable, they seemed to be high quality, and the customer service was fantastic.

However, my left foot didn’t really like running in them. My right foot did not have any problems, but my left foot was not feeling quite right, and I am very picky about the shoes I will run in. There is no way to know whether a shoe will work or not until you try them, so I suggest that you give them a shot.

The shoes are a bit heavy, especially the Proportion model. The newer model is about the same weight as Asics 2100s, but the older model weighs an extra couple ounces on top of that.

I had no trouble sending the shoes back, and the experience certainly does not turn me off of mail ordering the shoes. I chatted on the phone with the owner for about a half hour when I ordered the shoes. All I needed to do was send him a quick email to let him know that I was not going to keep them and he send me a return shipping label to get the shoes back to him. As soon as he got the shoes, he credited my full purchase price back to my credit card.

Virtruvian Running Shoes are made and sold out of New Hampshire. You can call them at 603-344-8221.