I was reading over on Joan Nesbit Mabe’s site and saw that she was supporting a new organization called “Athletes Against Doping“. Their message is fairly simple and straight forward:

Today it isn’t good enough to be just a good athlete by running fast, jumping higher, etc. An athlete has to be a good student of the game. And that means, knowing what one is ingesting. The athlete is responsible. Ignorance is no excuse for the law, but it is constantly used as an excuse for athletes. And the public buys into this or accepts it. It’s equally sad that some athletes actually seem to use the “dumb jock” image to their advantage. […] Compete Clean´┐Żor don’t compete.

They have a lot of good links to sites that describe rules for different sports, governing bodies, what drugs are banned and the like. They also have a small store where you can show your support for them. I have not bought anything, and do not intend to buy anything from them right away. The site did seem interesting to me, however, so I thought that I would share the find.