Here are the games for week two of the 2006 NFL season. Last week I was only 9 for 16, so hopefully I can make some better picks this week. I would prefer Buffalo wins this week, but I just can not see it happening. New Orleans is going to stomp all over Green Bay. I think that Jake Plummer is going to have a better game at home this week than he did last week.

  1. Buffalo at Miami
  2. Carolina at Minnesota
  3. Cleveland at Cincinnati
  4. Detroit at Chicago
  5. Houston at Indianapolis
  6. New Orleans at Green Bay
  7. N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia
  8. Oakland at Baltimore
  9. Tampa Bay at Atlanta
  10. Arizona at Seattle
  11. St. Louis at San Francisco
  12. Kansas City at Denver
  13. New England at N.Y. Jets
  14. Tennessee at San Diego
  15. Washington at Dallas
  16. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

I did much better this week than last week. Buffalo really surprised me; I thought that Miami would take that one down without too much difficulty. Unfortunately, I didn’t switch over to watch the Giants come back so I missed that last quarter plus.

This week I was 13 for 16, or 81.25%. This brings my total for the season to 22 of 32, or 68.75%. It’ll take a few weeks to make up for last week’s fiasco in bad picks. I blame it on getting married and not paying any attention to football during the preseason.