Buffalo, Detroit, Miami, and Washington all really need their byes this week. They are all struggling something awful.

I think that Indianapolis is going to get their first loss this week. I do not think that they are quite as strong as their record shows. The Jets at Cleveland might be a fun game with a battle between the former New England support staff. As for Pittsburgh, I can not imagine why they are considering starting Big Ben against Oakland. I am sure he could use a week off to recover from the concussion, and Charlie Batch should easily be able to manage the Raiders.

  1. Arizona at Green Bay
  2. Atlanta at Cincinnati
  3. Baltimore at New Orleans
  4. Houston at Tennessee
  5. Jacksonville at Philadelphia
  6. Seattle at Kansas City
  7. San Francisco at Chicago
  8. Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants
  9. St. Louis at San Diego
  10. Indianapolis at Denver
  11. N.Y. Jets at Cleveland
  12. Pittsburgh at Oakland
  13. Dallas at Carolina
  14. New England at Minnesota

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

This week was a new low. I went 6 and 8 for 42%. That brings me to 71 correct picks out of 114 games this year.