Now that last week is behind me, let us hope that this week fares a little better.

From here on out, there will be plenty of games. The bye weeks are all completed.

This week, I think that Indianapolis is going to continue their winning streak, and Chicago will bounce back from their loss to Miami to take out the Giants. Tony Romo is going to have another good game, and this time it will be enough to win against Arizona. I think that Green Bay and Minnesota are going to have a close game, where Green Bay will squeek by.

  1. Baltimore at Tennessee
  2. Buffalo at Indianapolis
  3. Cleveland at Atlanta
  4. Green Bay at Minnesota
  5. Houston at Jacksonville
  6. Kansas City at Miami
  7. N.Y. Jets at New England
  8. San Diego at Cincinnati
  9. San Francisco at Detroit
  10. Washington at Philadelphia
  11. Denver at Oakland
  12. Dallas at Arizona
  13. New Orleans at Pittsburgh
  14. St. Louis at Seattle
  15. Chicago at N.Y. Giants
  16. Tampa Bay at Carolina

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

I did a little better this week with 10 picks correct out of 16, but 62½% is still lower than I’d like to be. It does bring me to 87 of 138, basically keeping me even at 63% for the season. I was a little worried after only batting .500 in the 1:00 games, but other than Pittsburgh I was in good shape after that. The Green Bay game was not as close as I thought it would be, but the result was right inline.