This week starts early, with three Thanksgiving Day games. Do not forget to get your picks in in time, and to set your fantasy lineups.

I did not think a lot about this week’s picks. Miami is going to have a strong late season, same as last year. I hate to do it, but I have to pick Chicago over my Patriots. Last time I picked against them on a game I thought they would struggle with they wound up winning. Hopefully I can be wrong again this week.

The Giants will bounce back from their abysmal performance in week 11. NBC is probably kicking themselves right now for taking the Philly and Indy game; even with Donovan McNabb that was not going to be close.

My toughest choice was between Houston and the Jets. I tend to lean towards Houston, but at home I had to go with the Jets.

  1. Miami at Detroit
  2. Tampa Bay at Dallas
  3. Denver at Kansas City
  4. Arizona at Minnesota
  5. Carolina at Washington
  6. Cincinnati at Cleveland
  7. Houston at N.Y. Jets
  8. Jacksonville at Buffalo
  9. New Orleans at Atlanta
  10. Pittsburgh at Baltimore
  11. San Francisco at St. Louis
  12. Oakland at San Diego
  13. Chicago at New England
  14. N.Y. Giants at Tennessee
  15. Philadelphia at Indianapolis
  16. Green Bay at Seattle

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

This week worked out rather well for me. I picked 3 quarters of the games correctly, 12 out of 16. I was thankfully wrong about Chicago. I was correct in that the Giants bounced back from their abysmal performance the week before; unfortunately, the bounce ended after 3 quarters and they still lost.

Overall, I have picked 109 games correctly out of the 170 games played, bringing my average up over 64%.