This week does not have me real excited. Games start on Thursday on the NFL Network for the next few weeks.

I think that New England, Indianapolis, Chicago, and New Orleans are pretty solid locks for the week.

Oakland is going to do their best to keep from getting the first pick in the draft, and will manage to squeeze by Houston.

Jeremy Shockey thinks that the Giants are going to wipe the floor with Dallas if his team can play up to par. I agree with him in that I think that their coach is an idiot, but this team playing up to par is asking for a lot. I think that Dallas wins that game pretty handily.

  1. Baltimore at Cincinnati
  2. Arizona at St. Louis
  3. Atlanta at Washington
  4. Detroit at New England
  5. Indianapolis at Tennessee
  6. Kansas City at Cleveland
  7. Minnesota at Chicago
  8. N.Y. Jets at Green Bay
  9. San Diego at Buffalo
  10. San Francisco at New Orleans
  11. Houston at Oakland
  12. Jacksonville at Miami
  13. Dallas at N.Y. Giants
  14. Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh
  15. Seattle at Denver
  16. Carolina at Philadelphia

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

I made 10 incorrect picks this week. Other than the games I watched and a few others, I was completely wrong this week. I think I’ll just move on to next week and try to forget this ever happened. It only have 115 correct picks out of 186 games.