Asics 2110 Men's Running ShoeIf you act fast, then you can get Asics GT2110 running shoes for $30.49 from The Sports Authority website.

Order the Men’s Asics GT2110 sports shoe or the Women’s Asics GT2110, and apply coupon code NOVFF25 to your order. That will take 25% off of any single item. I believe that this coupon expires after today, December 3rd, but I am not positive about that. If you then pay using Google Checkout, you will get an additional $10 off of your order. Shipping and Handling is free. The total for a new pair of Asics GT2110 shoes is then $30.49.

You can also apply the same code and Google Checkout to the women’s ASICS GEL 1110 Stability Running Shoe to the final tune of around $23, but I have never used that model.

I am a big fan of the Asics 2040+ series of shoes, and have used them for a long time. I recently retired my last pair because I can get Nike shoes so much cheaper now with my team sponsorship, but this was too good of a deal to pass up on a shoe that I would still love to run in. I will say, however, that I have not had a lot of luck in the past when Sports Authority has these types of sales, so I imagine that this bargain will end very soon.

(Source: Slick Deals)

Update: It is about 4 hours later (and on a Sunday!) and I have already received an out of stock email. They state that they are still going to ship the item to me and will charge me when it is in stock, but I will believe that when I have the shoes in hand. My guess is that once again I will be missing out on the deal.

Update 2: I did in fact receive the shoes, which was a pleasant surprise. This deal is no longer available, so I have removed all of the links as they are no longer valid and didn’t point to anything any more.