I did absolutely horrid last week. I hate this Thursday night game that I can’t watch anyway because my cable company won’t carry the station.

This week has me worried. I have the visiting team winning all but one of the 1:00 games, and the home team winning all but one of the 4:00 games.

Bill Belichick’s proteg├ęs are going to do well this week, with Cleveland and the Jets taking control of their games. I think that the Patriots are going to have to fight to win down in Miami.

Chicago will still beat St. Louis, despite Rex Grossman. He really needs to step it up and make a few plays, rather than barely getting by with the cast around him.

  1. Cleveland at Pittsburgh
  2. Atlanta at Tampa Bay
  3. Baltimore at Kansas City
  4. Indianapolis at Jacksonville
  5. Minnesota at Detroit
  6. New England at Miami
  7. N.Y. Giants at Carolina
  8. Oakland at Cincinnati
  9. Philadelphia at Washington
  10. Tennessee at Houston
  11. Green Bay at San Francisco
  12. Seattle at Arizona
  13. Buffalo at N.Y. Jets
  14. Denver at San Diego
  15. New Orleans at Dallas
  16. Chicago at St. Louis

My picks are underlined. Winning teams are emphasized. Incorrect picks are crossed out.

Rex Grossman did finally step it up and take control of the game, but the rest of the picks I discussed ahead of time I was grossly wrong. On every single one. Thankfully, that was about all I was wrong on, so I did not do too badly this week. I picked 11 out of the 16 games, bringing my total to 126 out of 202. That is right around the 62-63% range. Not quite good enough, but I think that there is little hope of salvaging this season.